The Hypocrisy of Women

Women often times think they should always be praised or pampered and our male counter-parts must always be willing to climb those “rocks” for us if that’s what makes us happy. Don’t get me wrong we deserve it! However, we must be willing to climb those rocks too. If he is loving enough to give you a foot massage be willing to give one back, it’s not a “tit for tat” contract but it is at least an agreement to make each other happy!

Some of us complain that men change after the chase, no longer as sweet as they used to be. The “love text messages” have stopped and no longer do you get a phone call from your man just to say I love you. Have you stopped to consider that maybe the men in our lives feel as if they are giving too much and not getting anything in return?  Did he stop sending those text messages because the last couple you didn’t reply to them like you used to?

We women complain so much about our failed relationships and how the wrong guys always show up in our lives. Words of advice don’t complain about the failed ones; use the experience to enhance your new one. For the love of yourself, stop sit and wait for your “perfect” guy to find you. Maybe you need to consider dropping your pride and go out to find him.  Or is it that our “perfect” guy DID find us but we were so caught up with our past relationships’ baggage and we lost him? 

To conclude, stop pointing fingers or complain about the problems, instead spend some time to think about them. Ask yourself these questions, where did they start from? Am I the root of the problem? Then when you have found the source of the problem be the solution.

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