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Russian born Leonid Khankin fits the profile of a vibrant Hollywood celebrity. Upon talking with him you find that he is humble and passionate about horology. I had the honour of meeting him when he took a cruise to Jamaica. He is the Managing and Creative Director of Ernst Benz, the Swiss watch brand that is inspired by aviation.

Leonid Khankin
The company has not been around for centuries yet with its unique and contemporary designs they developed, in my eyes, a cultish following that transcends race, nationality and economic standing. With collaborations from R&B singer Mary J. Blige to celebrity chef Mario Batali, limited edition timepieces have just gotten interesting.

Celebrity Chef Mario Batali & Lenoid Khankin
After buying your timepiece the company allows you to customize it at no additional cost within certain design and time limitations. Let's say you wanted to add mother of pearl, diamonds or complications, then you may have to cough up a little bit more.

Price on the watch starts at around $2,500USD and the straps are from $100USD.

A number of young Jamaican jewelry professionals like myself own an Ernst Benz timepiece.

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