Confessions of a Blogger : Rane

Happy Weekend! A few weeks ago Relationship contributor Shana wrote about " Confessions of a Blogger". I thought this was a cool post and decided to copy her:-) Here i go!

1. I'm not Tech Savvy: I know people think since I Blog I must know how to build websites and all that stuff. Truth is , I'm not that interested in Technology and this shows in my life ( until a few months ago ) I just got a smartphone less than 3 months ago .. for realz .. I have a Tablet that I never use .. like ever! My computer is a Toshiba .. not a Macbook. And I'm still alive! I also don't have Photoshop!

2. Social Media Annoys Me: Again ... one would think that since I Blog I live on Social Media ... not so at all. Having a great Social Media presence would help the Blog and me as a person, but I really can't bother at all. The thing that annoys me the most is the over-sharing ...If people could take a picture of air and share it they would.. then there are the people who are just sitting there waiting to like, share or comment smh .. The world has changed.

3. I pick the Events I get invited to: As a Blogger P.R companies and Designers will invite me to various events .. however! I don't go to all  of them! I feel like there is this secret group of only elite people who only invite their kind ( if you know what I mean) then the wider society who can benefit greatly is left out! It's kind of a shame but it's how the world is I guess.

4. Sometimes I miss Deadlines: This year especially .. I missed a few ... like 3 or 4! I sent in an article to a Magazine I write for on the day , I R.S.V.P to 2 events on the same day ( had to be in 2 places at once ) and I just didn't show up for another.

5. Blogging is hard work: Most people think that Blogging is taking fashionable pictures from websites ( without saying its copyright) then putting it on their Blog and bam! It done! No so at all .. You need to create quality content , add pictures ( copyright them or add your own watermark ) ensure there are no grammatical errors , publish the post , then share and market that post and do it all over again. What about Event Coverage? You have to ensure you are dressed accordingly ... take pictures ( bring a photographer ) then go home and write on the event add pictures and do the writing process above ... lol What if you are working backstage at a Fashion Show ... Well .. you have to ensure things are steamed , make-up is done , Designers and pieces are on time .. models are dressed .... then amidst all that chaos ... talk to the models and Designers to get a story for the Blog. I don't even want to go into interviews , reviews and collabs .. It's just a lot of stuff.

6.Jamaica is a tough crowd: I love my country and all but! There is an age old expression " If you can make it in Jamaica , you can make it anywhere in the world" T-R-U-E ... When I just started to take this seriously people had no idea what a Blog was or if it was just a post College Student "trying a ting"... it was a struggle trying to reach the Jamaican audience.

7. Jamaica is not my #1 Audience : I have no idea how this happened .. but! U.S.A has always been the #1 audience for my Blog ( would love to hear from other Bloggers about their #1 audience) I'm thankful nonetheless.


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  1. It really is alot of work. Creativity can not be bought... btw I will take that tablet if you don't want it.

    1. Lol .. Tamika .. I don't even know if it works anymore ...


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