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This Reggae band released their debut Album "Genesis" in 2011 and later released Genesis Acoustic amidst the fact that artistes on a whole don't release acoustic Albums.  With appearances at Reggae Month Events , Rebel Salute and European Tours , this band is making a steadfast career for themselves.  Today , Haute People goes "Behind the Seams" with Pentateuch.

H.P: Pentateuch ... speaks volumes , how did you come up with that name?
PEN: The name Pentateuch came as a result of our upbringing. 
As Jamaicans we are deeply rooted in the whole idea of God, the bible as well as spirituality 
So with the band being 5 members it seemed natural to have a name that connected our spiritual existence 
and that which we learned from just being Africans in Jamaica.  

H.P:  How /when did the band form?
PEN: It came as a result of Brady and I sharing an idea, we spoke about it and called on the brothers and it has been like that since. 
We formed in 2007 while attending Edna Manley College of the Visual Arts and Performing Arts.  

H.P: Describe your sound?
PEN: Our Sound is the Sound of Pentateuch.

H,P: What was the inspiration behind "Pressure "
PEN: Live one day in Jamaica and you will feel it. Check this, everything gone up but for the working woman her pay nah go up.  Everything gone up and the working man pay nah go up.  Further, even if the pay go up every thing else goes up, light, water, light, food, light, gas. light, telephone and so on. Even the youth wishes to go to school and on the wish there is a cost.  So its earth runnings that give life to this tune.

H.P: When playing at Events ... which member takes the longest to get ready?
PEN: Good question lo lol lol i wont answer but i will tell you he plays drums.

H.P: What can fans look out for from Pentateuch in the coming year?
PEN: We have just released the video for Pressure, was filmed in Kingston by eL Peru and Kush-I.  In addition to that we have an acoustic EP on which we revisited some of the songs from our Genesis Album. The Lead off Single "Black Face"  will be available for you and your audience November 24th, 2014.  

H.P: Where can we find your music?
PEN: Find our music on the  itunes, amazon etc. as well as our facebookpentateuchband.  Blessed love

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