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This Jamaican Media Personality has been on T.V since 2000 and is one of the faces we see in the morning before we head to work. Among her accolades in this Industry, she is also a dedicated mother of three boys and Founder/ Managing Director of the Maia Chung Autism & Disabilities Foundation & CEO of Maia Chung Television. Today, Haute People goes "Behind the Seams" with Maia Chung.

H.P: What inspired you to start a Clothing Line? 

Maia Chung
M.C: People always like what I wear men and women, I get questions from around the world where I shop, from people in the US, Europe, Canada you name it, I have a brand value developed from the hard work I have put into my many projects that have been played out at the national and global level. I love to create and love clothes so I decided to try to evolve, what was really initially a tee shirt line to raise funds for The Maia Chung Autism and Disabilities Foundation, into clothing and styling people constantly want to know where I get my fabric, accessories, shoes, why not monetize that also? I describe myself as a working Jamaican woman, Maia Sez is for women like me, who want well made well fitted, in fact custom made garments that make them look beautiful. I also realize that when the globe has gone to a level where people are constantly taking and sharing photos via the web, it has become an indictment to re-appear in the same outfit, for men as well as women. The first line has two dozen signature pieces, under the brand Maia Sez this 2014 collection is called "Holy Spirit". Our pieces do not exceed 3500 to 6000 dollars.

H.P: From TV Personality to Fashion Designer ... How are you liking the Transition?

M.C: Well I have attached my resume lol I am not stopping my Journalistic work, just added something more to my attempts to making stay here on this earth meaningful.

H.P: How would you describe the "Maia Sez" Woman?

Maia showcases a few pieces from her line

M.C:  The Maia Sez woman is just like me, you have to always look good. You are an adventurer and want to be legend.You could be a Mom and a wife (not a requisite lol) and professional a party aficionado, you want to be the boss and you participate in the new paradigm of the insta-world where you have a "fashion shoot" almost every day among your friends family et al and those images must be pristine .You do not have tens of thousands to spend on your look, however despite this you must have distinctive, unique pieces that make your closet equally as credible as any other women in your world. The Maia Sez woman is too busy ruling the world to iron or have difficult garment, so each fabric is chosen with utility and efficiency in mind as she gets ready for whatever.

H.P: What would you say are your favorite pieces from the Line?
M.C: The valentines day red dress

Valentines Day Red Dress
H.P: In this new venture, what new thing did you learn about yourself? 

M.C: Don't vex Rane I searched my soul and to be honest I haven't learned anything new - I always know that I rule the school - uzeet lol

H.P: Finish the sentence ... I cannot live without my ..

M.C: .....mother

H.P: Where can we find your pieces?

M.C: It is Couture and I work with a tailor its buy direct for now because when you see a piece and order - that piece is retired as in you get it we don't sell it to another woman.

For more information on Maia Chung and Maia Sez , you can check out any of her Facebook pages by typing in Maia Sez .

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