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Hi Guys! As the year winds down ( next year is only weeks away ) I've decided to share a few tips with my fellow Bloggers & new Bloggers. This advice is of course based on my experience in this Blogging World here in Jamaica.

Things are never as they seem: Sure being a Blogger might look glamorous ( maybe it is ) but there is a lot more that goes on Behind the Seams that we wont't post on our Blogs. Bloggers will post beautiful pictures of events they've been to and people they met, but! they won't post the other in between stuff.

You don't need a MacBook to be a Blogger:  This is the biggest misconception ever! I even thought that when I was just starting out. All you need is a creative mind, great writing skills and of course discipline. If you can afford a MacBook that's great .. but any computer will suffice.

Don't Steal Pictures: Pictures are great as they make your Blog look auh mazing... however! You can't steal people's pictures and place on your Blog or Social Media just to get a forward . I've seen people do this a lot!! For example, there was a popular event like The Collection Moda Events , you didn't get invited , you take a picture ( or few ) from Skaan and place it on your Blog just so people can check out your Page. It's actually illegal ...If you don't have original pictures just say "Photos may be subject to Copyright".

Just be You: Never ever try to be like that Blogger because they are popular or famous. Blog with your own voice and uniqueness as this makes you stand apart. You will appeal to your own audience so there is no need to worry.

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  1. Anonymous10:48 PM

    #1 is so right ... People take Blogging as just another Trend or a way to get free stuff


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