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If you live in Kingston , I'm sure you've all been hearing the Buzz about the hottest spot in the Corporate Area. Asia's Cafe is smacked right in the middle of Half Way Tree inside York Pharmacy which makes it a perfect location for everyone.

When I first heard about this place, I was a bit concerned as it relates to sanitation and overall Hygiene. In my mind it was a food place in a Pharmacy … If you are having those same thoughts as me… Fret not! Asia’s Café is a legit Restaurant that has a nice open Layout and Great Lighting ( perfect for Selfies or taking Pictures of their many food options )

Usually when I review a new Restaurant I give them 3 tries. On my first go I tried their delivery and ordered the Curried Shrimp Roti & Shrimp/ Conch Soup. The Roti was seasoned to perfection and it actually has Shrimp ( Big up yourself Asia’s Café ) usually when Shrimp Dishes are sold here in Jamaica, they skim on the Shrimp but Asia’s did not disappoint in this area at all… not only was the Shrimp evenly distributed but they were Jumbo! The Shrimp Conch Soup was out of this world , I’m not even a Soup Person and I enjoyed it … all I can say is that it tasted really noice .. not too spicy and not lacking flavor .. just right!

Shrimp/Conch Soup

Visit 2 : I decided to go in and meet the wonderful folks myself just to see how the Face to Face Customer Service is. Its good but it can be better in that the ladies didn't say enthused … How could you not be happy to be around Food all day long? This time I tried the Shrimp Pasta … I loved the portion ( lunch & dinner serving ) but! I didn't really care for all the Parsley on the top … great garnish but not great when you are on the go then have a meeting right after ( if you know what I mean ) Can you say “hello lunch”. Of course I had to try another soup … on the Menu was Pepperpot … again I don’t know what they put in it .. but it was Noice… nuff Shrimp :-)

Visit 3: For my final visit I did delivery again and ordered a Restaurant Week Combo which was an OMG! Burger w/ Fries, Bread Pudding & Soup for $630. This time I had a little trouble with the time of the delivery and one of the items were not received. I contacted the Manager to resolve the issue who handled it in a dignified manner where I got back my Soup and some refreshing Coconut Water.

I would definitely give this place 5 out of 5 and really hope they keep things consistent as it especially relates to the taste of the food. Be sure to check out Asia’s Café for this Restaurant Week and also on a daily basis. They also open 24 hours a day so you can have great food all day long (literally)

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  1. Wow! You know I saw it but I thought it was just a lil snack shop. Will definitely give it a try thanks to your review :-)


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