The Day of the Dead

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With Halloween just a few days away I thought I would make today’s feature absolutely ghoulish and look at an art form that  is the definition of controversy. I am talking about “the original show of real human bodies” envisioned,conceptualized and carried out by  the famed Dr. Gunther Van Hagens. The exhibition is entitled BODY WORLDS and has been on display all over Europe ,Asia and North America.

In essence the showcase fits in with Halloween because the concept involves using dead bodies and transforming them into art. The process includes removing the outer layers of skin and sculpting the exposed muscles and tendons in a stylized way. The body is filled with a special Plasticine resin specially developed by Dr. Van Goens. These  figures are then posed and form part of an exhibition that  currently has been seen by millions of spectators who are both intrigued and shocked by the spectacle.

The bodies on display once  belonged to people “who declared during their lifetime that their bodies should be made available after their deaths for the qualification of physicians and the instruction of laypersons.”


Van Hagens and one of
his sculptures

Animal  Depictions

Apart from using his patented plasticinization technique on human bodies Van Hagen has also used it in creating installations involving both land and sea animals.  Plastinization has come under criticism by individuals and religious group but with relation to plastinization the use of it in animals is credited to have academic and scientific value as animal specimens can be seen in their full anatomic framework. This allows for study and investigation of animal structures;blood vessels and organs.
Below are examples of animal installations that will be put on display in Animals;Inside and Out April 2015 at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia

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