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Alexander Wang one of the most influential and celebrated designers of the last decade dubbed "the boy wonder" recently  joined the ranks of several designers by dabbling in sportswear. Designers including Wang and Betsey Johnson have shown ready-to-wear collections and used it as a launch pad for success.

Today I wanted to look at some of the pieces from Alexander Wang’s debut collection for H&M launched this week and see how some of the looks can be transitioned into everyday wear whether you are sport inclined or not as Wang puts "I don't do any sports! I only wear sports clothing".

Alexander Wang for H&M
This first piece lends itself to something physical like going to the gym or even throwing on a pair of jogging shoes and taking a nice run. It might be a little bulky to actually work out in but on your way to the gym or afterwards this is an awesome throw over. In replicating this look in our Jamaican scenario I think I would recommend pieces from Rashad St. Patrick’s line VULGAR. Its not always about matching the look exactly but taking inspiration from the shape and functionality.

VULGAR  (Spring/Summer 2014/2015)
vulgar 2.JPG          vulgar 3.JPG      adam vulgar .jpg
One of my favourite female looks in Wang’s collection was this little dress right here, I thought it was interesting because when one thinks of sportswear a dress is the last thing that comes to mind. In terms of finding a suitable alternative.
Wang 2014 for H&M

I am just taken back to Cedella Marley’s line for our Jamaican olympians. It was amazing and I love her use of patterns and shape: similar to Wang’s aesthetic

CMD for Jamaican Olympians

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