Restaurant Week Launch 2014 Highlights

Eat. Drink. Celebrate is the tagline of this years Gleaner Sponsored Event Restaurant Week 2014. The SSCO and Gleaner team ( as well as other sponsors ) held the official Launch last night at the Jamaica Pegasus Ball Room. The event featured the ever flamboyant Stephanie Scott dressed in a 14th Century inspired outfit .. masks included with a Grandeur ' flair. The event was reminiscent of the Shakespearean Era which was seen in the Decor and the overall environment and even a "Trumpet Blower" to introduce each sponsor as "Lord & Lady" . Stephanie and her team truly outdid themselves with this One. The Room was cool , the food was spectacular ( there was no shortage of wine ) and the guests were well mannered. Restaurant Week is the one week event where Restaurants significantly reduce their prices to suit the needs of people who would not normally Eat Out on a Daily/Regular Basis.

This year, Restaurant Week will Run from November 14-19 , 2014 and will feature Dishes in the category " Epicurean, Delectable , Savory , Tasty & Everybody's favorite "Nyam & Scram".

See Highlights of the launch Below:

For more info on Restaurant Week 2014 . Find them at these places below:



  1. I am gonna eat up this year!

  2. The loaded nachos I tasted at San Francisco restaurants were too good; they had on a nice lettuce on top (not iceburg) and were such a great deal overall.


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