Observer Takes Style Out 2014!

Yesterday I went to this year's Observer Takes Style Out our Jamaican version of "Fashion Style Out" . If it's not obvious enough , the event is put on by the Jamaica Observer and has sponsors like NCB, LIME , Digicel and Yoplait

I arrived in Half Way Tree at 7:00 pm on the dot and had to circle the Plaza for a good 20 minutes until I finally saw a Vehicle backing up and did a Madea and swooped right in. First thing I must comment on was the vibes from LIME was Turnt up! They were at Mall Plaza , dancing and chanting expressing why they are the better network!

On to the stores!

The first place I ventured to was Collectibles ... they had a mixture of in Season and Out of Season stuff which was not that bad in terms of selection. I picked up a Trendy Jacket which was a combination of a Bomber Jacket and Tweed. The crowd was overwhelming, there were actually more men actually shopping than women! There was one sweet father who was shopping for his teenage daughter, helping her to pick out clothing and standing in line. ( Go Daddy ! )

Speaking about the line, it was crazy and made no sense. No joke or exaggeration; I was in that line for 30 minutes, the Cashier was sooooo slow , there was no sense of urgency in what she was doing and the 100 sweating , miserable people being me getting angrier by the minute. I finally tunneled my way out of that store and went into Collectibles Shoes and came right back out! Nothing tickled my fancy and it wasn't even that full .. the traffic in there was like a regular Saturday afternoon. I made my way down that same corridor and went to Lee's ... I could hear a pin drop! ( Did they not know about TSO) The place was empty! I picked up a top and realized it was the same price on a regular day. Don't get me wrong , they have quality items in the store ( I have a Lee's card .. sign up for one and score points plus get a discount when it's your Birthday ) but in these times a staple store like Lee's should stand out!

Next was the Puma Store , no reason why I passed it on my way to Lee's them go back but .. anyway. It was packed! They had to be letting a certain amount of people in at intervals because there was no space to move .. Great discounts on Shoes and Gear and great customer service. Ammars was next on my journey which was packed! Ammars in a way kinda reminds me of Walmart ( in a way ) Cheap and Cheerful! They were packed but no trendy clothing items , but they had really nice Handbags. Escaping through the door that takes you to Village Plaza , I went to ME OH MY, they sell shoes , handbags and accessories. I pass this store on a daily basis but didn't go in  because it looked expensive! To my surprise it's not! They have really nice Trendy Shoes .. Like Jessica Simpson and Steve Madden , so if you are looking for those Brands you can go there. I like the fact that they show their regular price and the TSO price. I saw a pair of strappy heels that i liked , the Sales Rep came over and assisted ( without being annoying ) I tried it and bought it and check out was less that 5 minutes. They were ready for TSO!! Kudos to you ME OF MY TEAM Team!

Final stop of the night was 7th Ave Plaza. My 2 stores were ZEN & Style Savvy ( which did not disappoint) I purchased a Statement necklace from ZEN and a Top from Style Savvy.

For me it was ok this year ( but just ok ) The first year was the best and year 2 was the worst because of the recession. Where was the usual Food & Drinks this year

Were you at TSO? 
How was it?

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