Never Fall In Love

Love, what really is this love thing? Please don't let me try to explain it. It’s so complicated and has many corners, edges and sides to this tiny word. After you have concluded on your definition of love; it’s time to be able to recognize the type of people you should never fall in love with. Declaimer; I don’t profess to be a love Guru, as I am still trying to figure stuff out. However, if you vision yourself in a long term relationship and desire getting married someday, don’t fall in love with these kinds of people.

The Non-Committed

It’s difficult to grow in a relationship if one or both partners are afraid of committing to the relationship. They have all the excuses you can think of. Example, too busy working and building a career that they don’t have time for love. They might even have their eyes wide open, to continue the pursuit of a more compatible partner. If you are big on marriage because of religious or other reasons, do not hang on to the relationship if this partner makes it clear they have no intention of getting married, as they don’t see its relevance. Staying in a non-committed relationship hoping they will have a change of heart is a waste of time.

The Taken/Married

I can give you several reasons why you should never fall in love with someone who is already in a relationship. You’ll find yourself trying very hard to come across as the perfect partner, keeping hope alive that he/she will eventually leave, and you now become the couple everyone envies. As a precautionary measure, lodge this to memory, if he/she has cheated with you, I can almost guarantee that you will constantly worry if your partner is cheating if you become the new partner. Building a relationship on lack of trust is a disaster waiting to happen. 

The Busy Bumble Bee

Self-explanatory? This person is always “working, working, working!” or is caught up too much in a hobby. This person has no time for you, and when you do get some time together it’s very miniscule. You convince yourself that the situation will change soon. While you patiently wait, there will be many times of loneliness. Definitely really question where your relationship is going; if after more than 6 months, no meeting of the parents was arrange because of the busy spell. Years will pass you by waiting on quality time together, time that could be invested in someone else who is not too busy for you.

I certainly have not stated all types of persons you should never fall in love with.  I will just leave this passage of Scripture with you as a guide. James 1:5. “If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.” NIV 


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