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Hi Guysss Happy Monday! "You don't need a lifetime to change the world , all you need is a Monday" This will be one of the first posts of this nature where I share personal bits. If you live in Jamaica, you would know 2 major events took place in Jamaica over the weekend. Click Here to read what they were.

Event 1 took place in the 2nd city of Montego Bay. Each year I get invited and can never seem to make it. Why? I don't know about anybody else , but I don't have money just laying around like that! Now, with most of these events I get them because of this Blog which would not have been possible without you, so Big up yourselves and thanks for the support. Because I'm an independent person as opposed to attached to a Media House, all expenses lay on me! Yes, Yes I do have cash coming in but just not like that to Book a Hotel , Pay for a Round trip on Knutsford  Express or Plane, Outfits , Hair , Make-up and most importantly FOOD! I'm not one to live above my means and follow a crowd just to be seen in the Public eye when I know I can't afford it so I just stayed home and prepped for the Sunday event in Kingston. I thank that Marketing & P.R company for inviting me to these events ( This is like one of 4 for this year ) but please remember the people like me who are independent ... put us in your budget. We are the ones who can truly connect with the Jamaican Society in an organic way as opposed to putting up a story just to be the first to beat out a competition.

Event 2 took place here in Kingston. Call time was 10 A.M and I got there at 10:45, it was a Sunday and I wanted to ensure I had a proper Breakfast in my system. Tip: if you are on a team for an Event and they will provide you with food .. ensure you either eat from yuh yaad or take something with you! This location to me fit the theme but it was not ideal! Waaay too hot and just an inconvenience. For an event like this where there will be models, make-up artistes and Designers ... a location with A.C would have been ideal. The Divaness was turnt up! .. everybody was hot, hungry and miserable. A popular MUA went completely Diva and decided she wasn't doing any Make-up except for three people. Side note: Don't believe everything you see on Social Media .. some of these people are not so nice in real life. I went there like a hot girl in heels and all and within 5 minutes had to change into flats .. lol . Be sure to carry or wear flats if you'll be working. Generation Y ... why unno so fool fool and frighten? I was given 2 volunteers and they were soooo ... soooo think of an adjective lorane ( worthless ) nobody was born bright but it's great to volunteer , ask questions and ultimately learn ... smh ... that's really all I have to say about that. Anyway it was a great show overall , but there is always room for improvements.

How did you spend your weekend?

For my international readers , some of the texts are in my native language , Jamaican Creole


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