Mission Catwalk : Episode 3 , Playing with Cards

This episode started out with an element of surprise ... literally. Contestants were told they will not be using any Fabric this week but instead to use Cards to design a Garment! This challenge was an interesting one as it truly tested the contestants to dig deep into their creative boxes and create a master piece from a deck of cards.

The Challenge started out a bit shaky for most contestants as they were a bit stomped with what to create and of course had difficulty of getting the cards to stick together. Contestant Tonia Sammuels for example did not have a plan but instead chose to go with the flow which landed her with a safe Design in the end.

Tensions flared in the Design room with the mischievous Andy Cummings the 21 year old from Guyana and Tonia Sammels. This was kinda funny but not so funny , I mean who steals a glue stick? lol.

It was down to the wire with contestants Kurt Campbell and Yah Shira Lindsay. In the end Yah Shira Lindsay the 20 year old Jamaican native who's Design wasn't strong enough to keep her in the competition.

You can catch Mission Catwalk on Saturdays at 8:30 p.m on TVJ

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