Man Talk : What is the Craziest thing an Ex has ever done?

It is officially Hump Day! What better way to start your day than with crazy stories of exes. We've all had experiences with crazy exes at some point in our lives and man there are some real crazy bishes and mitches out there :-) Read below for some of the craziest things people have experienced with their exes.

Matt D : She jumped over my wall and tried to fight my current girlfriend.

Nickiesha J : He sent me a picture of his d*$k! I didn't even ask him to do that. He said he was making up for something he did ... smh

Lauren W: He showed up on one of my dates... he pulled up a chair  and even ordered as if we were all great friends. I never saw the guy again and up to this day I don't know how he knew where I would be on that date.

Lennard H : I admit that I'm not the cleanest person ( that's one of my flaws ) shoot me!. I always leave my underpants on the bathroom floor which always start an argument with my girlfriend. One Saturday , she cooked a big pot of soup like she always does and ask mi to give it a stir until she get back from the bathroom ... I was there stirring and notice the spoon not moving only to see the underpants mi leave pon the ground the other night. We broke up after that and i neva leave my underpants on the ground again!

Nicholas L : I always knew my girlfriend did well crazy from the beginning but you know what they say about crazy girls in the bedroom. Anyway ... she did kinda find out I wasn't being so honest with har and find the next girl name ,number and address.... I don't even know where , when and how she get that. One day mi call mi side girl only fi hear my current girl pon the phone ... you wouldn't believe the mad Bl**dcl**t gal tie up the girl! She watch too much a dem Oxygen show deh.

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