French Fashion For Beginners

Hey Guys, today I wanted to look at two french terms that are used all the time in fashion that many people may not understand completely. In addition to providing terms used in Cooking, Art and Literature. French have greatly influenced the terms/expression used in fashion. If you’re a true hautie  then you have and will come across these terms and its good to know exactly what they are talking about.

Haute Couture literally “high fashion” or “high sewing” is used to define custom-made or custom fitted clothing normally made from hand from start to ending.Haute Couture is normally made from high quality, exclusive and normally expensive material. Haute Couture pieces are trend-setting and one of a kind, reserved for an exclusive clientele such as movie stars and the uber rich and famous. Its a word that gets thrown around a lot but officially can only be issued to design houses/designers (couturiers) that are approved by Chambre syndicale de la haute couture  the official council on all things haute couture. Haute couture designers include;Yves Saint Laurent (YSL), Christian Lacroix and Emilio Pucci


Pret-a-porter - Meaning “Ready to Wear” literally means clothes that are made to be worn on a day to day basis (RTW). Normally, designers and design houses make a ready to wear line each year shown at a Fashion Week at various locations all over the world. RTW garments are normally greater generators of profit as they can be sold on a large scale to many different types of clients. RTW is the complete opposite of couture as it is not necessarily made for a specific person or to be showcased on a runway as simply a piece of art. Almost all fashion houses (ateliers) release a RTW line as well as a couture one each year or each season.

Examples of RTW from Chanel Autumn-Winter 2013-2014- RTW looks can be different based on the season but represent looks that the normal man/woman can rock

Chanel|1  Chanel|0Chanel|8

Now that you know the Difference : Be Bold. Be Fierce. Be Haute


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