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Social media is a great platform for self-expression.  I get that how I express myself, might not be how you express yourself. But I am almost sure there are some things we just should not do. One of these don’ts I like to lament on is sharing semi-nude and nude pictures.
This week I am going to rant a little. Please feel free to whip me with the rod of correction if I am misled. I find sharing semi-nude and nude pictures disturbing and ridiculous! Though you might see women “butt posing,” men are just as thirsty for what I deem “negative attention.” Did social media really destroy our self –respect?

Please fill me in on when did it become custom to upload semi-naked photos just for likes and comment of flattery!? Where did our self-respect or self-esteem go? Believe me that this kind of attention from strangers is not very important. Not important at all! Do not let comments and likes be the means of telling you what you are worth.

I surmise that you might just be capitalizing on your natural animalistic nature, with the need of getting a potential partner to look in your direction. There is the great (too great), of a need to be the one they pick from the plethora of options out there. But have you stopped to tap into your humanness and ask yourself, just what kind of partner I am attracting? Let me clue you in. You are attracting a partner whose mind is more focused on physical attraction than what you have to offer as a whole person. This potential partner is so blinded by that ass it will be hard to see you as anything more than a sexual partner.

Let their minds go on overdrive trying to picture what you look like without clothes one. Real men and women worth marrying won’t feel the need to do this anyways. Life-time partners will spend the time undressing your intellect and engage you with conversations that are uplifting; they will challenge you to be a better you. 

If you are married, why, why, why, why??!! are you letting strange eyes see what is reserved only for your partner? If you want to take such pictures you and your partner have fun with it. *smile* let your partner take a few on the business trip to remind him/her what is home waiting.

How I see it, ideal attractiveness will always be a target that’s moving. It will NEVER be hit. While physical attraction will not go unnoticed when looking for a partner, sell your mind, your gifts and talents, conversations others things of substance. Whatever your physique, might suddenly becomes what they are attracted to, if you put these attributes out. 

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