Chick-V got the Best of me Rant

Good Day my people , the Chick-V finally caught me and I wasn't able to do anything since Thursday. My Chick-V situation has lead me to do this post.  This Chick -V took me by surprise like it does most people. I went to work on Thursday fine , then here comes Thursday afternoon and I feel some pain start run across my body like somebody shocked me ... all the joints hurt and I could barely move or even drive myself back home.

Here comes this young man on the Phone telling me to "massage the pain and come work same way ". My people , a few choice words came to mind to tell this young man but because the badword business doesn't help any situation, I kept my mouth shut and continued to lay down.  I can barely move .. my fingers have swollen to the size of a Ballpark Frank Sausage and you telling me to come same way? What Planet are you from Sir? Clearly you are the only one in Jamaica who is immune to this new plague so I guess we can send you to Africa to fight Ebola since you are the natural Vaccine or some sort of cure. To cut a long story short and with a very insiteful conversation with #myfuturebabydaddy ( not really ) It has dawned on me that .. Life always goes on with or without you and there are people who don't care about your well being , but just as Inventory or Property. If you died right now .. they would replace you like that ( snaps fingers ) and just continue without even taking note of all the things you did in your life and the contribution you made to build their company.

To that young man I  say " Wake up and smell the Roses Sir ". 

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