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The Last time Haute People spoke with this Designer , it was for our "Life After the Catwalk " to see what Designers featured on Mission Catwalk has been up to after the show. Since then, Garrett Roberts of Trinidad & Tobago / Antigua has grown as a person with the experiences he had on the show and also as a working Designer. Haute People caught up with the Designer for his latest Collection.

H.P: How would you describe the overall look/feel of this line?

G.R:The pieces in this collection are definitely commercial...Something totally unlike what I am accustomed to be producing... I wanted to experiment with my work and so I came up with these concepts of the edgy but still sophisticated urban girl. I borrowed looks from different time periods and mixed to get a different flavor.. some pieces are very feminine as opposed to some that are edgy. A bit of a risk.

H.P: How long was the Process?
G.R: creating this mini collection wasn't hard or long.. Actually I accidentally stumbled upon a fabric whilst with a client( designing something for her to wear the following night) and she showed the fabric to me and immediately I knew what I wanted to do, who I wanted to wear it and when they wanted it.

H.P: What was the inspiration behind this line?
G.R: There isn't really an inspiration other than the fabric I guess for this collection. Its very soft but still has an edge about it. “Beauty is poisonous"

H.P: What makes this collection different from the last?
G.R:  This collection is totally a far cry from what I'm accustomed to be doing... I love and live avant garde... But this time I experimented with being in a relaxed frame of mind and voila !!!

H.P: What would you say is your "stand out piece" in this line?
G.R: Stand out piece.... Hmmmm wow lol I love them all actually but if I was to choose it would be just kidding.. Ahh the black and white billowing Aladdin pants with the crêpe tube top adorned with zipper details on pockets and back . Accessorised with a gold purse a bold ring and dramatic long chained earring in one ear.. It has this badass edgy look about it but still has this softness I like.

H.P: Would you ever collaborate with a local store to create a Retail Line?
G.R: this probably will answer the next two questions.. I will liaise with local and regional stores yes to carry my designs.. As of now however I am sorting out details to open my very own boutique.. This will feature my designs in a commercial aspect as well as other projects that I have in the pipeline.

H.P: Where can we find your pieces? Will they be in Stores?
G.R: All of my designs are sold exclusively through my web portal at the moment... You can go through my look book and make a request within your size etc all details about me or my work are subject to request.
Direct contact: 876-599-1064

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