Your ABC Guide to Fall!

Hello loves .. you might not have noticed this but we took a little break last week. After the 3rd day I just had to Blog In Jamaica, we don't celebrate Fall or any season for that matter , simply because we don't experience seasons per say. Below are a few tips to help you stay on your game for the pending Fall Season wherever you are in the world.


This should be your mantra before you jump into any trend , that with a whole lot of confidence.


Bright colors are so in! Forget what you heard about Fall being all about muted colors. This Fall .. Fashion "Tun Up Loud". Vibrant colors like Red and Pink are preferred colors this season. For us here in Jamaica , these colors are no problem as they are worn all year round. I've also been seeing a lot of sportswear inspired pieces floating around. I'm guessing Designers are encouraging more people to kind of work out or maybe they are just bored. Whatever it is .. you need to get on that trend!


The famous Beyonce "Wob"
It's all about that sleek , glossy look! I'm still seeing a lot of colors like green , blush and ash grey. According to Harpers Bazaar, it's all about the "Off Duty Ballerina". This look is an effortless just rolled out of bed version of the sleeked back Ballerina Bun. I've been seeing a lot of Blonde hair here in Jamaica with a symmetric cut and I'm guessing it's an ode to the Beyonce Wob. Ladies .. please stop wearing your Flexi Rods out in Public! It's really distasteful! It's not a Trend.


Lux Lined Eyes Courtesy of Harpers Bazaar
Before I get into this trend , I must say this "no make-up" challenge is rubbish. A challenge is something hard .. how hard can it be to wash make-up off your face? We need the "Read a Book" or " Get a Job Challenge" now that's hard! Back to the make-up. Fall make-up looks are usually dark bold looks. Either the eyes or lips are played up. One huge Trend I'm seeing are "Lux Lined Lids". The traditional Cat Eye just got an update. After you've made the wings on your upper lids .. you then draw another line on your lower lid. If you really want to take things up a notch .. use a colored eyeliner like blue or even green.

Please remember that Make-up is not a big deal .. stop taking it so seriously. It's like paint for the face ... it washes off. Have fun with it but don't get attached.

What are some of the Trends you are looking to try this Fall?

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