White is the new Black

In a world where over the top clothing has taken over and is now the norm. Sometimes its good to take a step back and do something on the simpler side. Its not everyday that you are going to want to be in a Dolce and Gabbana suit or in a multi-coloured floor length gown. Sometimes, you need a simpler alternative is easier on the eye and easier on the pocket :-)

Personally, I have to get up early in the morning and run errands and my "go to" items are a pair of cotton shorts/pants and a pair of loafers and that's me. I love simple white pieces also especially when its extremely hot out. Today I wanted to share some simple white pieces that are  just as versatile and simple to assemble as any all black ensemble.

The  White Button-Down Shirt

Many a fashion moment has been made with the simple white button down from the boyfriend's button down to that white shirt you throw on with cargo pants and loafers. Some may even decide to rock the white button down in a more formal way like what Carolina Herrera is known for making this really a transitional piece. But believe me if you're spending the night over your boyfriend's house unprepared  and need to run to the store why not throw on one of his shirts.

Wide-Leg Pants

Nothing can be more comfortable and fashionable than a pair of white wide-leg pants. Now I know a lot of girls out there are a little apprehensive about strutting around town sitting and standing in white trousers but believe me its a great style solution in a pinch. Bring a Tide to go Pen and you are good to go!

The Simple White Dress

The Simple White Dress

White dresses come in every shape style and length under the sun and of course there are a million and one ways to style them. Dress them up and dress them down believe me the possibilities are endless throw on some jewellery, some shades or even some colourful flats. But the most important thing to do is to have fun!

Haute Tip - Next time you have an errand to run or need to just run out the door quickly in the same way that the color black is transitional and appropriate for anything. White is just as versatile and easy to put together

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