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If you live in Jamaica , you know that the Matalon name is synonymous with successful businesses. You've seen him on "The Innovators" on TVJ each week .... you've seen him on Events Photos related to Tracks & Records , Fiction , Fiction Fantasy and so much more. Today , we round off our Style Profile with Mr. Gary Matalon!


According to a recent study published in the Journal of Social Psychological & Personality Science: "men who choose to go bald by shaving their heads are perceived as being more masculine, even taller and physically stronger than men with hair". Gary sports the cleaned shaved head like a true Boss. If you look at all the pictures and on the Innovators , you will see that Gary opts for no hair at all times. This low maintenance look is perfect for the C.E.O on the go as it requires visiting the Barber every 2 weeks ( or less ) to shave the new growth and to get a line-up as opposed to getting up and brushing the hair each day.


Bounty Killa- Left | Gary Matalon- Right | Bugle -Right

One has to always be on time when you are in Gary's line of work. One staple item we've noticed are watches. Gary seems to be a fan of the Hublot brand of Watches especially the Usain Bolt Collection. He also sports his Wedding Band proudly often complimented with a chain with a black pendant that we could not quite make out with most outfits.


His style can be defined as "Clean Cut". There are lots of suits ( as seen on the Innovators) and button down T-Shirts. On more Casual days , Gary can be seen in the short sleeve versions of his Button Down Shirts or a T-shirt.

Who was your favorite Jamaican in our Style Profile feature?


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