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In Kingston Jamaica , Garth Walker is Synonymous with the Wealth Brand. There is Wealth Magazine Business Access, Wealth Auto Show , Wealth Home Sweet Home and the list goes on. This Business Mogul is also affiliated with the High Society Brand Creative Media Events which he formulated with Leighton Davis. These two single handedly changed the entire concept of all inclusive & themed parties. This is the Style Profile of Garth Walker.

Hair: Based on what we dug up , Garth prefers the "no hair" look that is clean and well shaved. This is complimented by his well groomed beard .. sometimes it's a tad past the chin, but it works.

Jewelry: Small earrings , wedding band , wrist watch and the signature piece ..."the money chain". We've seen this chain making it's appearance in several photos & events along with a diamond encrusted  pendant
( as shown in the picture above )

Clothing: There are two staple pieces we've noticed ( maybe 3 ) A Blazer , Button Down Shirt and a Bow Tie. Yes ! Bow Ties are so in (depending on how you wear them ) Suits are always well made and fit well .. not too tight or too baggy but they fit. Garth also likes to take risks by adding bold colors to his ensemble. We've also noticed that the suits are not your typical type of suit ... there is always a texture or pattern to the material that is used to construct the garment.

Garth Walker is the perfect example that you do not have to do what society expects you to do. Find your own passion and turn that into a career

You can catch Wealth Business Access on TVJ on Sundays at 5 p.m


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