Proper Work Place Ethics

Today's post is a bit different from the usual Fashion or Beauty related post. We will be looking at how to behave at work. I've actually went back into the working world after 2 years from working at home due to the fact that I left school and there were no jobs. I decided that I would do my own thing ( which I'm surprised worked ) . I might do a post on working from home, hopefully soon :-) Below are a few of the tips I have for proper work Ethics.

Reading is important: In these times where people are logged into Social Media .. nobody reads. However ( guys ) you need to read. If reading is not your thing "how do you have a job? Reading is important because most documents , memos etc are sent via e-mail which contain WORDS need to be carefully read and understood.

Leave Your Personal Problems at Home: We are all humans and not perfect. If there is anybody out there who has the perfect life , never had a problem , issue or setback ( please comment and say "MY LIFE IS PERFECT ) For the rest of us , we need to leave personal issues out of work business. When this is carried over into the workplace it is taken out on co-workers and affects your performance. My tip, just do what you have to do to the best of your ability and go home at 5 or 6 p.m :-)

Arrive on Time: Time is  big deal for me! I can't stand when a person is late .. then sends them self on a 1 hour break 5 minutes after they arrive. If work starts at and you arrive at 9 you are late    ( regardless of what your Contract says) When you arrive on time, you get to settle in ... get your mind in order and have a clear idea of your objectives for the day.

Never Argue: People , this goes back to point #2 . Never argue with your superior or any one in the office. The type of argument I'm talking about is the heated kind where voices are raised and there is anger and furniture knocking etc. Remember it is work and not a tenement yard .. there are certain things that you should not do at work.

Don't Steal: Never under any circumstances should you take anything from the office that does not belong to you ... not even a Pen! Remember , because of this place , you are able to buy a car , live in a nice Apartment and pay your Bills. Taking things away from the company affects everyone.

Common sense tip : Please bathe and brush your teeth! Oh Lordt .. don't go in the people place and leave an "impression"

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  1. Great post! Everyone needs to read this - Dr. Lisa

  2. And top of the list work is not a meeting place for you and your friends to hash about the latest suss


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