Product Review: Huawei Ascend Y330

This is the first time I will be reviewing another item that does not fall under Cosmetics ** I will try my best **. Exactly a month ago I purchased the Huawei Ascend Y330 From LIME. On that specific time LIME was having a Sale on this item for two days for $3,999 with a 30 day plan.

Huawei Y330 White

The Price

What they failed to tell everyone was that there are hidden fees. If you don't already have a LIME chip, prepare to buy that .. the supposedly Free credit you get with the phone .. it shows up on your bill at checkout... don't forget the 16.5 % GCT!! My total was $5,930. Please also note , at the time their POS was broken so i had to walk back to the ATM , get the cash then go back to the store.

The Phone

I chose the white version of the phone which I think was sleek. It's lightweight and glides into your pockets with ease without that bulky look. About the second week into having the phone I realized the Touch pad was having issues and the phone would freeze for a couple seconds , then would go back to normal. After that, the Apps started to do the same thing! I cannot have a session on Whatsapp without it freezing and the text looking distorted .. Google Play and everything is the same. I'm was beginning to wonder if the issue was with the Phone itself or the Apps. If you are one of those people who live on your phone .. be sure to walk with the charger , the battery life does not last long .. I would say about 5 hours. When making calls the Phone got really hot and the Speakers are really low.

The Camera

These days, most people will purchase an expensive Phone just for the quality of the Camera because we live in the selfie era. This Camera 4/10! There is nothing to zoom pictures and the quality inside is really poor ... your pictures will come out dark! It also does not have a front facing Camera.

 I give this phone a 6/10 for the Price ( affordable ) though there are hidden fees and for the functionality. This is a great phone for people on a Budget who is not looking to shell out thousands of dollars on a Phone.

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