Preachers of LA : Jamdown Aftershow , Episode 3

Hi Guys! So here we are at Episode 3! I've held up my side of the bargain ( so far ) by posting and I'm hoping you will keep reading and adding your 2 cents. Here we go:

Group shot of all the Preachers

The Haddons  | Dominique & Deitrick 
Minister Deitrick Haddon gets counseling outside the Church from a professional as advised by his mother. For me, I would rather get advice from a professional outside the Church ... Church people chat too much! You tell one person your secret and all of a sudden Pastor is preaching about it. It's great for people to obey their parents and all .. but it's kinda weird when a grown man allows his mother to be too involved in his relationship/life
"For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife". - Mark 10:7.

 I actually liked that they went to counselling , I think more young people need to do this .. it's important to talk about issues before they get out of control. About the Nanny situation ... I guess it will have to be a compromise. Dominique seems to come from a traditional hands on family that helped to take care of her while Deitrick's family was maybe focusing on his career and their involvement in the Church. Dominique and Kristi met for Lunch to discuss what was happening between their Husbands. It was discovered that Kristi has 2 sons .. one is Jay's biological child and the other was from a previous relationship. Her sons are grown .. like in their 30's grown. I wish the men work out their differences much sooner than later.

Bishop Noel Jones | Ms. Loretta

This week , we didn't see a lot of scenes of these two together but! We saw where Loretta was obviously hurt over what Pastor Ron and first Lady Lovette said last week as she was venting. Throughout all of this ... I must commend the fact that Ms. Loretta is often seen cooking at her Restaurant .. it's great to see that one of the women on the show still work! (outside the Church) I like that she's always trying to get the ladies together in-spite of what they think of her relationship with Bishop Jones. Pastor Jones went back to First Refuge Church where they shot the Pastor during Church in-front of his congregation. Can you imagine that people? So Bishop Jones basically went in to help the Pastor's wife ( Mavis ) and Daughter since they didn't get the time to heal. Bishop Jones ended the night with a moving service.

Pastor Haizlip | Kristi | Justin

As I said last week , I really really hope all the scenes with Justin are real and not for ratings! Last week he was carried out on a stretcher and this week he's back .. walking around as if nothing happened.. We see Justin getting a haircut by Pastor Jay as he took a trip down memory lane and reveals a little information about his father. I need more scenes with Kristi .. I remember in season 1 she said she doesn't readily trust people .. she usually gives it some time .. but I feel like she needs to tell her story ( whatever it is )

This episode to me was all about healing and mending broken relationships and alot about faith!
Tune in Next week for the Jamdown Review right here at 10:05!


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