Man Talk : Why do women cheat?

As you can see from today's topic .. Man Talk is back for a second random Wednesday post ( by popular demand and lots of bad up ) Everybody as suggesting that I do a post on the women ( since we are not perfect ) "Why do women cheat". Below are some of the answers I received from Social Media.

Melissa S : "Women Cheat for various reasons!"...One,'SEX!!'...(if you're 'partner',can't please you 'sexually',women usually seek another Lover,to 'satiate',their sexually appetite!).

Jody Ann R: Times are hard , the same reason people have different jobs to make ends meet ... same way there is a man for a specific Bill. For me is like a business transaction ... I don't think it's cheating still ( my boyfriend ) must know him neva give me certain things ...

@Princesspassion356: What a Topic .. what a question! Well .. for me , I was just bored. I lived with my boyfriend and everyday him do the same ting .. work , come home , eat dinner , play game or read a book then bed! No likke surprise just nutten suh. One day him friend come over fi wait pon him and one ting lead to another. Woman need attention and adventure ... man caa just boring suh!

Sharri Lee: I remember in Psychology class, it was said that mainly girls with daddy issues cheat. They are constantly seeking something they didn't have hence the multiple partners. It's kinda rough .. but that's my comment

Tashana H: Just like how man give we bun! We must can give it too don't? Yes man! some a dem a ole krebbie! come sweet up people good good girl pickney when dem have nuff ooman. Haute People .. all mi a say is dis ... what is good for the goose is good for the gander .. don't?

This was such an interesting discussion ... the women seem to cheat out of boredom and as a means of getting things to get by. Men! buckle up and improve, the ladies are speaking out.

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I do not own the rights to this Video, No Copyright infringement intended

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