Based on the response of the crowd of golf enthusiasts who attended the OCEAN Style’s ’Let it Rip’ clinic and exhibition with Maurice Allen; it was clear that the event was a rare and appreciated treat. With over one hundred and twenty guests at the Constant Spring Golf Club leg last Friday evening and another forty at the Cinnamon Hill leg of the kick-off to the OCEAN Style Celebrity Golf Weekend last Saturday morning one can easily deduce that the clinic was a smashing success and the local golfing community the happy beneficiary.

Maurice Allen demonstrating signature long drive at Ocean Style " Let it Rip " Golf Clinic Exhibition

Onlookers were immediately engaged from the moment that Friday’s event “teed-off” with two putting competitions -- one for the juniors and another for seniors.  Tiana Cruz stroked her way to victory; emerging winner in the juniors category while Mike Bradford was the winner in the open category. The competition segued into the clinic and with a few tips and some stroke correction from the Long Drive Champion the improvement in each participant’s driving game was evident. However, even the tips were not sufficient to help member Wayne Sutherland and Assistant Teaching Pro, Fabian Cummings as they challenged Allen’s speed and power. The evening’s exhibition ended on a spectacular note with demonstration of Allen’s prowess and agility when he drove a golf ball into a watermelon; needless to say the watermelon was no match for Maurice’s fury.

 Assistant Golfing Pro, Swing Solution Camp, Fabian Cummings was happy that his junior team came out in their numbers; he said “it’s a big thing to see someone consistently drive the ball 370 yards and it was entertaining for the golfers and the non-golfers.” In relation to his game he added that “If I apply the tips he has given me my drive will easily increase by twenty to thirty yards.”  This year the OCEAN Style Golf Weekend is also open to junior competitors.

This event marked the second time that golfing aficionado Gregory Mayne has had an opportunity to witness the professional golfer’s dexterity. He shared that he “had seen him at Tryall because we were in a tournament together. This evening however, I was quite impressed not just with his ability to hit but his ability to share his knowledge, expertise and the level of dedication it takes to be able to understand the golf swing and how you can maximize that power.” He continued, “it’s an amazing opportunity for golfers, their spouses and their kids to witness the level of exhibition here this evening. I have entered the tournament and so I plan to be there.”

At the event’s close, golfer Carlysle Hudson shared his impressions of the Guinness World Record holder “he is dynamic. He has flair. I am impressed that he has only been playing for four years!”

OCEAN Style editor-in-Chief, Douglas Gordon added  "we're delighted with the outcome of the clinics.  Maurice was able to share some insights into his golf game, impart tips to some golfers and demonstrate his tremendous ability." 

Jodi-Ann Munn- Barrow ( Jamaica Golfing Champion ) along with Jamaica's up & coming Golfers Kei Harris & Tiana Cruz

Golfing and sporting greats such as Jeffery Dujon, top female golfer Jodi Munn-Barrow and Lindsey Delapena were also in attendance at the Constant Spring Golf Club.
While both national golfing champions and corporate giants elected to take part in the Cinnamon Hill clinic on Saturday. Champion golfers Sean Morris, Teddy Richards and Radcliff Knibbs were happy beneficiaries. Mike Drakulich, Managing Director and Co-Founder, Mystic Mountain and Glen Lawrence, CEO Couples also spent time with Maurice Allen improving their long drive at the 8th hole.

Past players and celebrities of the OCEAN Style Celebrity Golf Weekend include Lennox Lewis, Donovan Bailey, Shaka Hislop, Anthony Anderson, Courtney Walsh, Jeffrey Dujon, Rockmond Dunbar and Andy Cole. 

Prior to his arrival Maurice Allen stated “the golf clinic will be very different from anything experienced on the island because number one golf is fun! I want to make golf fun for everyone from the die-hard golfer to the person that's never picked up a club before.” Without a doubt he achieved his objective.

This year the tournament boasts some top notch prizes from the US $1 Million Hole in One Prize to a private jet membership with 

The OCEAN Style Celebrity Golf Weekend will take place on October 24 and 25, 2014 in Montego Bay at the White Witch Golf Course on October 24 and at the Cinnamon Hill Golf Course on October 25.    For more about the OCEAN Style Celebrity Golf Invitational please and for the FashionShowcase Weekend website visit

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