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Every woman would love to be like Ashley pictured below with a few pieces from her extensive collection. Yes, she is Jamaica born and raised!

Ashley's Diamonds


Most may not understand diamond price and quality. These handy charts will help you. Now cut, shape, color, clarity and carat weight will be your life. 

When shopping for diamonds ask yourself these questions:
-Do I want the biggest carat weight that my money can buy?

-Do I want the best quality (clarity and colour) that my money can buy?

Ladies if you or your beau don't have Kanye money to spend then you will have to compromise on quality in order to get that 2 carat Princess cut. Meaning that the stone may look cloudy with black spots but you enjoy the attention of the large size. 

Be mindful of where you shop and how much you spend. Diamond prices vary depending on factors such as color, clarity, cut, carat weight, brand (yes diamonds are branded) and certification.

Ask the sales associate to use the diamond tester on the jewelry that you are purchasing. EVERY store that sells authentic diamonds should have one.

Marilyn Monroe 
In Jamaica the first price is NEVER the best price! After doing your research on the internet you will have an idea of the price range and you can make an offer. (Please don't expect a 1 carat diamond to cost $100usd)  

As always I am open to questions and if time permits I will customize your diamond shopping experience.


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