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Happy Sunday everyone! It is the start of a brand new week :-) Look how last week run off quick! Jamaicans are starting to embrace this fresh crop of Internet sensations ( which is good ) but I think they don't really understand the various categories. Below is the breakdown of the various categories, just so there is no more confusion.

Blogger: A Blogger is a person who Blogs ...Think of a Blog as an Online Diary or Journal You choose when and what you want to post. Blogs are the written forms: they can contain Photos & Videos. For example Haute People is a Blog .. Perez Hilton is a Celebrity Blogger.

Vlogger: This is where the confusion comes in ... Jamaicans seem to use this interchangeably with Blogging (which is so wrong). I've heard people refer to certain person as Vlogger when that person actually writes posts. Vlogger = Video Log. It's where a person walks around with a Camera and videos aspects of their lives.  Popular YouTube Bloggers are; TheGridMonster ( Ingrid ) and Patricia Bright.

YouTuber: This is a person who creates videos on YouTube. Videos have a topic or are in a series form. They are not walking around with a Camera documenting their every move on a daily basis. TraBass TV for example is a YouTuber as is DuttyBerry.

Content Creator : This is a person who does a mixture of all the above. They make Videos, the have an active Blog , they Vlog. They use all these elements to create content for their respective audience/s. Michelle Phan is the perfect example of a Content Creator.

Michelle Phan
Now that you know the differences , please place people in their respective categories. It's kind of like calling a Sheep a Goat, they are in the same family (ish )but are extremely different.


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