5 Most Annoying People on a Plane

T.G.I.F Guys! The Summer Travel season is over and the December season is fast approaching. For all my people who have travelled on a plane to another country , I am sure you've met at least one of the people on your journey below. Travelling should be a fun experience , you get to go to a new place and discover new people and cultures.  Here are the 5 most annoying people to look out for on a Plane.

1. The Sleeper: This person apparently did not get any sleep the night before their journey , then as the plane takes off .. boom! They fall asleep on you!  This person is usually significantly heavier than you , snores and even drools. No matter how many Jamaican "ease off", you give this person .. there goes their head on your shoulder.

2. The Know it all: This takes me back to the scene in "Friends with Benefits" where Justin Timberlake's character Dylan keep telling the story about the pilot who wasn't really a hero because of the way he landed a plane .. then he got that "shut-up" face from the passengers. Knowledge is infinite but can be annoying .. nobody asked you anything about anything at all... so keep it to yourself and shut up!

3. The Talker: This is kinda similar to the "Know it all" but this person talks from take off to landing.. Lordt! They will literally talk from one country to the next. If this person starts to take out pictures of their entire family ... you are in for a loooooooooooooong ride.

4. The Passer: You lucked out on seats and the only seats available were aisle and middle seat. There you are with earphones in and your favorite music or audio book playing , eyes closed .. you are in that inner Zen. All of a sudden you feel something passes your face and realize it's somebody's .... posterior ... lawd!  The most this person could have done was to gently tap you on the shoulder and ask you to allow them to pass ... no sah .. they just get up and pass 10 times!

5. The Hypochondriac: Does anybody else get freaked out when people cough and sneeze on a plane? These are the people who have those thick heavy coughs and flying sneezes that protrude all the way to the cockpit . Worst part .. they don't cover their mouths or noses. You are sure in your mind that you are bound to come back with something.

What is the worst flight you've been on?
Did you meet any of these 5 people?

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  1. 3 and 4 are the worst for me especially 3. I have really bad experiences with ear popping when I travel so I normally pop in my ear plugs and buckle down with my novel but the #3s out there are blind and I'm miss polite during it all. The whole situation just steps on my nerves lolz


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