The Jamaica Nation Pageant 2014 Commentary

Last Night was the first staging of the Miss Jamaica Nation Pageant and I thought I would share my experience with you guys. Contestants are barred from using artificial enhancements such as hair or eyelash extensions and tattoos. A fun-filled night interspersed with beauty, fashion and entertainment from Cherine Anderson and Dalton Harris.

Upon his return to Jamaica, Pageant Director Ken Williams decided to bring the 20 year Miss Jamaica US Beauty Pageant to an end and in its place launch this iconic event in Jamaica. He, however, observed that women were being encouraged to use an unending list of beauty enhancing products and so felt it seemed necessary to use the platform as an opportunity to remind women and young girls that they can look beautiful naturally. With this decision the Miss Jamaica Nation Beauty Pageant was born.

The pageant will be contested by 13 young ladies aged 18-26, with each representing one of the island’s parishes. Each contestant will be required to reveal interesting facts about their parish and share their views on the way that that parish can contribute to nation building in a 60 second slot.
Sponsors include: HOT 102FM, Abar Restaurant & Lounge, Dizinology, Hype TV, Dolphin Cove, Iberostar Rose Hall Beach and Spa Resorts, Beautiful Earth Natural Hair Haven, and Diva Supplies.

The Contestants: 7/10


The competition featured 13 young women each representing a Parish. Each Contestant had to either be enrolled at University or already have a Degree , which i think made a difference. The organizers wanted to make sure that the winner was at a certain level , where she would have all the right tools to not only represent herself but Jamaica on a whole. This was a completely different Pageant unlike other popular Pageants . Contestants were not allowed to add anything extra to make themselves look more appealing. That is , no hair extensions , no body make-up , no , lashes , no nails .. no nothing. Just Natural Beauty with a little make-up to highlight their features. Some of the members of the audience however must have not understood the premise of the pageant as they asked " Why she couldn't cover that mole" or  "why she never buy some virgin hair". Lordt! This shows how people perceive beauty ( in their eyes ) and how superficial our society have become.

Entertainment: 8/10

The audience was treated to an engaging and energetic performance by the multi- talented artiste/actor/entrepreneur Cherine Anderson. Cherine delivered a wonderful performance as the audience participated in hit song "Rebel". Next up was Digicel Rising Star Winner , Dalton Harris. This guy might be small in stature but he can sang! Dalton belted notes ( in Acapella ) from his latest hit "pauper". The only issue with the Entertainment segment was with the sound ... it seemed as if they didn't get time to do Sound Check. Both artistes had to stop and ask them for the music and tracks.

The Hosts 6/10

The event was hosted by mother-daughter duo Rasheda & Cathy-Lynn Beckford. Rasheda is a former pageant girl who studied Fashion , Design, Nutrition and so many other things over seas. Cathy-Lynn is a Pageant Mom who hosts and participates in events locally and regionally. I found that throughout the event Raschda became pushy as it relates to the audience and getting the girls out on stage for various things. Other than that .. they did an "ok" job.

Overall Experience : I must commend Mr. Ken Williams and his team for delivering such an event to Jamaica. I felt that it came at the right time when women feel they need various enhancements to make them selves look good. Throughout the pageant , the importance of inner Beauty was emphasized. Seeing that it was the first Event .. I think there is a lot of room to grow as it relates to sponsors and so on. I think it was a nice clean , wholesome event ( minus that one guy who shouted for everything) Look out for more pictures on this event. Hopefully , the next event will start on time and not 56 minutes later:-)


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