Shear and Barely There

In the last few months many designers and celebrities alike have opted for looks that show a little more and help keep them cool and breezy this Summer. The heatwave that has ravaged us all in the western world is proof that sometimes art needs to imitate life. If its a 100 degrees outside maybe a three- piece suit and a turtleneck sweater isn't the best option. To solve this Summer crisis Shear fabrics and cut outs have come to the rescue and in Jamaica this is something we could ourselves benefit from with this heatwave/drought combo that we are facing. So ladies listen up.

If you are a little bit apprehensive about rocking a full lace/shear dress.. A simpler way to style the trend is by wearing a shear piece with a solid piece such as a shear blouse with a pencil skirt or a dress that's only a 1/4 of the way sheer

Styling a Shear Blouse

How you style this blouse depends on how much you are willing to show or the occasion that the outfit is for. You could for example wear a solid colour  tube  top under the shear/lace blouse or If you're bold enough you could do what stars like Kim Kardashian have done and rock the blouse with a solid color bra underneath

Here are some other ways to style this look

Casual Looks
A. Shear top and Cardigan- If you're looking to just hang with friends this pairing would be perfect. Also wearing leggings with a cool print or pattern could make a movie date night simple and cool

The good thing about rocking shear like this is that it is transitional from day to night and can be styled for different occasions and on different body-types

B. Shear and High-Waisted

A shear top and a high waisted shorts could be your best summer "go to" for a day at the beach or a simple summer day running errands. Using denim with a solid black or white top is something simple that any girl can do.

C. Shear and Color blocking

One of the reasons that shear tops are so versatile is that to change the colour composition of an outfit all you have to do is wear a different colour solid top underneath to co-ordinate with the rest of your ensemble.

Haute tip- When it comes to shear you can do whatever makes you most comfortable you can show either a little or a lot of skin its really up to you. Shear tops give so much variety as they are  so different they come in almost all colours and patterns.

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