Preachers of LA : Jamdown Aftershow , Episode 2

Good Night Friends ... the latest addition to the Reality Show scene is Preachers of LA. This show launched last year on Oxygen and after episode 2 it became a regular show for me. Since it's inception , this show has been dubbed as controversial and has received some not so nice reviews. I will try to give a little review of the show after each episode every Wednesday Night ( If I can Remember ) .

Deitrick Haddon, Dominique and Pastor Jay Haizlip

Deitrick , Dominique and Daughter
This is a continuation from last season and last week. Soo, Gospel artiste/Preacher Deitrick Haddon had a fall after a Divorce when he got a girl on the choir ( Dominique ) pregnant. This of course was a big deal which caused him to forcibly take a break from being a Pastor and even some drama with his family , friends and members of his church. It was just a hot mess! Fast forward to the end of last season .. he married Dominique to make things right and because Bishop Noel Jones was away .. Pastor Haizlip stepped in. So they got married and everybody happy and ting. Episode 1 of this season , we see Dominique with a new Baby Girl and it was found out that they were pregnant when the Pastor Haizlip married them. The drama and argument started from this where Haizlip was saying that if he knew that she was pregnant he would not have married them. Now, here's what I think. Deitrick knows he's wrong and should admit that and apologize to the big man. He grew up in the church and know that fornication is wrong. It was pretty obvious that they were still having sex even after his fall. Yes he's human like everybody else and get urges and so on. He should man up and accept his mistakes and try to move forward. I don't think Haizlip was being judgemental , he was just voicing his opinions.

Noel Jones & Miss Loretta | Bishop Ron Gibson

Bishop Noel Jones & Miss Loretta
One piece a drama with Miss Loretta and Bishop Ron Gibson! Here's the thing .. Bishop Jones and Miss Loretta have been friends for 16 years! Not 6 years people .. 1-6! So the big thing is Bishop Ron Gibson and his wife are concerned that their friendship is more than just friends and they are not fit to participate in Big Events like the Crusade. First of all ..Miss Loretta is one patient woman , that to me is like auditioning for the same role and getting rejected over and over again for 16 years straight. What else is really going on in that friendship? That's what everybody else wants to know .. and why are they so defensive about it. In a way the other people need to mind their business and on the other hand Bishop Jones need to do better as an influential person. I wonder what his sermons are like.

About that Justin Character who came on the show .. I'm hoping he's really in trouble and need help because his scene seemed so fake. I'm sure the magic of editing had a lot to do with it. But! he just came in the Church right as Hazlip was getting doubtful , he drank his magic juice , nodded off., then passed out.

Any thoughts on this episode?


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