Must Have Back to School Items for the Digital Age

Hi Guys! We are in August! For the University bound and returning students this is the last month to have fun since September is just weeks away :-(  I hope you all had fun this Summer and learnt some important life lessons. It's no secret that we live in the Digital Age where everything and everyone is Online. Below are must have Back to School items for The Digital Age.

1. A Smartphone: Believe it or not I don't have a smart phone! Shoot me now . I like talking to people face to face and I like doing all the other stuff on the computer like checking E-mails. That's just me, I'm weird :-)  ( and cheap )Universities are large, they are like little cities. You will need a way to communicate with your friends, whether by call, text, whatsapp or whatever. Everyone seems to be all about Samsung rather than I-Phones so get on it.

2. A Tablet : Gone are the days when students carried around those heavy laptops from class to class all over campus. This semester it's all about the Tablet! They are lighter , load quicker and have waaaaaaayyy more games ( in case you get bored ). Do not go crazy and buy one that is super expensive and leave yourself in debt before student loans , there are many inexpensive generic brands that have the same features like the expensive ones. Live within your means

3. Headphones: You need a pair of cool yet functional headphones when you are on campus. These are great to block out all the distractions around you and get you in that collegiate zone. Also , if you use one of the computer labs on campus and would like to listen to music while you do your research , these are great!

4. Jawbone Up : This is a little device that tracks every move and step. This little device is enabled by downloading an app which I think is great for keeping off the Freshman 15. This little device even tracks sleep! This is great because it helps you to know how much energy is used and calorie burned and also your sleep patterns. This is also great because it helps you to break down why you feel cranky on some days and energetic on others.

Please comment below which items you think are a must have for this School Year

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