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Soo I've been seeing this Tag or popular Video on YouTube and I wanted to do the "Blogger" edition since I only have one video on YouTube ..lol. The Tag is mainly about how people are in the YouTube/Blogger Community ( in Jamaica ) and it's suppose to be really honest.

I want a million Page views like ... Patricia Bright!

The Blogging community in Jamaica in my opinion is non existent. I remember going to a few Blog related outings and these events made absolutely no sense .. it's like everybody was running around with their heads cut off. There was one set of people who seemingly knew each other and another set just floating around. I don't think there is truly any unity ... like for real. For all the people on Blogger .. since the last Blog Awards ( That's a story by itself ) I counted well over 100 ( serious bloggers ) why are we not following each other? It's like people are saying if I "join" his/her site .. he/she will have more followers than me and will get better opportunities. Its nothing like that at all .. just like there are different types of food and different types of people who like to eat them .. there are different types of Bloggers .. we all have our Niche' and the types of people we attract with our personality and writing style.

Another thing I've noticed is that there are people who got into Blogging for the wrong reasons ... TO GET FREE STUFF!! If that's the reason you are doing it .. you will never get that ( guh look a werk ) There are certain perks involved in Blogging ( when you are serious ) but how desperate are people to just want Free Stuff? is that all your life is worth? For e.g, a U.K Hair/ Cosmetics company saw my Blog and asked if I wanted to join their Blogger Program ( over a year ago )... this program gave me the opportunity to choose any item on their website to review every 3 months. They also told me to choose 3 other Jamaican Bloggers since Jamaica is a predominantly Black Society and their products would appeal more to us .. fine no problem. I found 3 other Bloggers .. contacted them about this great opportunity and they all said they were too busy for this opportunity. Flash Forward this May .. those same people are wondering what am i doing to get all this Free stuff and why I can't share with other Jamaican Bloggers ...Of course I was wondering if these people are serious.... I'm yet to respond to any of them. What is it about "free-ness"? A majority of Jamaican Bloggers rarely spend time researching Blogger Opportunities .. instead anything they see on your Blog they just grab it! Yes the Internet is there for all but nobody uses it for the right reasons. All of a sudden everybody has a Lucky Contributor Button or is offering Advertising Packages . Why couldn't you think of this before you saw it here?Creating a successful Blog requires a lot of time and dedication .. there is no magic app to get you viewers .. it requires work. If you put in no work , post every other month , bad writing , bad layout .. how do you expect to attract people?

There are so many opportunities to be created from Blogging .. If we are all serious and do our parts , these can all be accomplished. To my Bloggers out there wondering when they will reach a million Page Views .. keep pushing .. it will happen one day , if its meant for you )


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  1. Totally agree! Did not know about the free stuff.

    And you are right about taking the posts seriously.


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