Highlights from Import Tuner Night 2014

Happy Sunday Guys! This is a special Sunday post coming to you live from the "Haute Studios" ..lol. Last night was the staging of Import Tuner Night: Street Tuner Invasion.

I had the option of going to another event but I chose this one as it's out of my comfort zone. Let me tell you .. I felt like I was in a scene from Fast & Furious :Tokyo Drift ( minus the angry guys racing against each other ) I was surprised at the Turn out especially the female to male ratio ... we are getting in on your stuff guys! There was no line at the gate .. it moved that quickly.

The Entertainment

I think the show was suppose to start at 10 or 11 , however it started well after 11. The event was hosted by Ramona Samuels C.E.O/Founder of The Voicebox ( link her for all your commercials and voice-overs ). We were treated to an interesting performance by Denyque after which she brought out Chi Ching Ching
( hope i got all those "chi's right and another guest artiste) Chi Ching Ching's performance was really energetic with his comical lyrics and Human Bike reving sound ...lol. After that , the 2014 Miss Skunk Nation Contestants came on stage , introduced themselves and did the typical pageant stuff. There was another performance by a 10 year old who I thought knocked away his older counterparts with his lyrics and charming voice. I really wish the entertainment started on time .. as this would have the patrons in higher spirits.

The Cars

There were 300 Skunk'd out cars on display. First off, there were some really nice cars! Those guys and (girls) really went hard with their rides .. I saw Fords , Porches, Mitsubishi's, BMW.. everything you could think of was there. I saw a lot of Plasti Dip cars which I'm guessing is the trend in cars. Below are some of the pictures.

My Favorite "Ride" on display ... It's soo pretty and RED :-)

It was a great event and great event overall. The only thing I wish for next year is that they have a V.I.P area ( with chairs , drinks and food ) I was standing all night , then the Food Vendors that were there, their stuff went super fast.

If you were at the event , please comment below
I left before the crowning of Miss Skunk Nation 2014 and the winner of the Skunk's out Honda :-(

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  1. Anonymous9:50 PM

    Great shot of Denyque .. wished the performance was great :-(


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