Dating with children: Part 3 (Final ) Striking a balance

A single parent has a huge responsibility of taking care of their child’s heart when dating. Striking a balance between parenthood and dating should make this responsibility less stressful.

If your priorities are made straight and you are vigilant about keeping them that way, you and the child will be happy and healthy. As an added bonus, you will be displaying role modeling that’s not short on positivity. You will have less damage to both you and the child emotionally. Though the child should come first, don’t forget that you are deserving of happiness too. Balance is the key to this happy medium. The best approach is age appropriateness with being open with your child. Not forgetting to take each step slowly with precaution and thought. This way the transition from being “new friend” to “special friend” should be smoother because by this time your special friend is someone your child doesn't mind having around.

Your behavior around your child must be consistent. Doing so provides the child safety in this hard family transition. Example, if you found it age appropriate to explain the reason for a break up, be extra cautious not to start dating someone again who is similar to your previous love. The search for love can be heart-wrenching, it can also be exciting. However, as the parent you should ensure your child is exposed to much less “heart-wrenching” experiences. For the child it must be fun and safe.

As a single person with no children, you are free to gamble in the love game. But if you are a single parent, toying with your child’s heart is not an option. To achieve the fairy-tale ending to the love story, it must be written slowly, thoughtfully and started with healthy balance between you as the single and you as the parent.


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