Behind the Seams: DJ Kevin Crown

Today, we bring you a special edition of "Behind The Seams". This individual comes straight out of NYC and is here in Jamaica to bring the ultimate Club Experience. He has also coined the phrase/s #clubkilla and Natural Born Club Killas Today, we introduce to you the one and only DJ Kevin Crown. Haute People had the opportunity to interview the Celebrity DJ over the weekend.

H.P: Do you remember the very first show/event you did?
K.C: First official Event ... I was 16 years old. I remember not having professional equipment so I had to borrow equipment from my house. It was an interesting story... when my parents got home they thought they were robbed until they saw me coming back with the equipment. It turned out to be a good little show. My parents wasn't that supportive at first ... but I won an Award for DJ of the Year at the Young, Gifted & Black (YGB) Entrepreneurial Awards (2013/2014), which I dedicated to my Parents.

H.P: What is an important Life lesson you learnt from being a DJ?
K.C: Always know your worth. Sometimes other DJ's in the Industry might not give you the credit where it's due ... and Promoters might not put you on the "Big Shows". The difference about me is that I'm an Entertainer, I'm much more than a DJ. Truth is I'm too good for just any show.

H.P: You have so many passions, what would you say is your favorite?
K.C: I love Martial Arts , but Deejaying is my first love. I've missed so many training sessions and competitions for martial arts. Once I'm booked for a party ... I go wherever. It's more for the love of it .. a true passion.

H.P: Tell us about your upcoming role in "Jamaican Mafia"
K.C: Contrary to what people might think .. I'm not making a Cameo appearance. I have a role ( script and everything ) This is new and different; I'm not a badman/gunman in real life so it's interesting to play one. I really want this role to make an impact. I would definitely like to do more acting.

H.P: Describe your Fashion Style?
K.C: Different ... Trendsetting. I don't like to wear things that everybody else is wearing ...( points to self ) Look at me. It's also about the shoes. Everybody has Jordans which are nice ( expensive) shoes, but I like fresh ... different shoes. Here I have the Jeremy Scott Tall Boy by Adidas and Supra Skytop IV.

Adidas Jeremy Scott Tall Boy and Supra Sktop IV |  Joyrich Backpack
Beats by Dre Headphones
 H.P: Finish the sentence: "I cannot live without my .....
K.C: My Daughter Cadence. She is a beautiful individual who has given me an entire different perspective on Life. She told me when she grows up she wants to be just like me. It's impressive that she is 6 and has a black belt.

What makes him unique and places him in a category all by himself, is his love of the arts, martial arts that is. When he is not playing at some popular night spot or spending time with his daughter you can find Kevin in the Dojang. He is the only DJ that holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. He has won numerous competitions on stage and off. The days of “specialty” DJ’s are over, Kevin Crown is single-handedly reinventing the DJ movement. Having a background in dancing and has choreographed for some of the top reggae artist Kevin unleashes his daredevil dance moves night after night. With his rock star image, he has been called a trendsetter, showstopper, and trailblazer. For more info click Here 

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  1. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Cool DJ .. hoping he'll bring it in the Jamaican Clubs!

  2. Anonymous1:37 PM

    My daughter is half-Jamaican, so I love that country. Jamaicans certainly know how to party, no wonder celebrity DJs from all over the world show their respect to Jamaican clubbin'. Great interview with DJ Kevin Crown. Love it!

  3. He's very young when he first started. It's nice to know that his career has gone very far now and he has also received a number of awards.

  4. Clubkilla ;) I am sure DJ cool will jazz up the club scene in Jamaica...his love for music is quite evident!

  5. Love his endeavors and wants to share to my family. Keep on posting for DJ Kevin Crown.

  6. I was not familiar with his music, so I did a research and his music sounds not bad at all. I must say I love his fashion style.
    It's nice to find out more about him through your interview.

  7. Cool DJ, seriously. Maybe one day he'll have a show in Malaysia too. =)

  8. Anonymous11:19 PM

    Great to find out more 'behind the seams' info :)

  9. DJ Kevin Crown is so awesome! Great interview!

  10. Interesting person to interview. He seems very grounded, knows where he is going and yet still, family comes first. Nice to see..

  11. Dunno this DJ but he looks great.. :)

  12. It's nice to know his humble beginnings. His passion for his craft is admirable.

  13. Its simply outstanding post. DJ :*

  14. Music is the sound of life, and a deejay mixes the music to bring excitement to people. It's a nice interview to know about him!

  15. Great interview! It was interesting to know more about a DJ.

    1. He looks so famous in the art of singing.

  16. for a badass looking guy like him, I like that he's very family oriented and grounded. Nice post!


  17. It`s great to know other people I`m not familiar. This is the first time I heard about him.

  18. Great conversation, There's a lot artist from Jamaica is great

  19. I am sure you must have had a great tim interviewing him. I sure had a good time reading :)


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