The Tessanne Album Drama

I find myself doing or thinking about commenting on current issues here in Jamaica because I really don't like whats been going on. Now! The Tessanne Album Drama! Grab a cup of tea and whatever drink you like and let's talk!

The Album is not doing so well at all and everybody seems to be playing the "blame game". My biggest question ... who is her management team? The album was released on July 1 and prior to this no promotion was done! I got a copy of the "Everything reminds me of you" single at the Reggae Sumfest Launch. Great packaging and all that but! That was felt like a Beyonce' secret release overnight album kinda thing, Nobody knew that it was coming out. We all know that Tessanne is a Digicel Ambassador ( bad move in my opinion) Digicel uses these talented individuals as mere "Marketing Tools". We see them on Posters, performing at various Digicel events and basically everywhere. Why couldn't Digicel do something where for example , If you bought 3 of Tessanne's Albums you get 1 month free data or something? Who controls her Social Media? When you are a personality you need to not only have pictures of your significant other but also information about your music .... who is her management team!!

As for the management team... who are you people? Like seriously. There are so many different stories about the release date being pushed back and blah blah blah. You are the ones in charge of everything regardless of who is in the U.S and who has more power over whom ...why has there not been a representative putting out a statement? Yes, we all know that Jamaicans's don't buy music but if it was marketed the correct way and at the right time. The true supporters and not waggonists would have bought a few of the albums.

Tessanne is such a talented artiste and more work needs to go into taking her career to the next level. So let's go back to the drawing board and make Tessanne a success!

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  1. Anonymous12:16 PM

    Her label let her down big time, trust me!

  2. I wasn't aware of the lackluster sales! Hmmmm. I thought that Adam was gonna be her mentor after the win. I hope things turn around for the better. Her talent is undeniable.

  3. Yes .. Sales were soooo bad and she wasn't spared in any of the reviews ... Her team needs to go back to the drawing board .. she's super talented


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