Miss Jamaica World 2014 Commentary

The Miss Jamaica World pageant was staged on July 12,2014 at the Montego Bay Convention Centre. Thanks to the wonderful folks at E-Media and Flow Channel 100 we were able to see live streaming of the event. Please note , all views expressed in this post are my own opinion , they were not made to bash any one person or entity. With that being said , let me break this down in segments.

Live Stream: 10/10! I'm talking about quality and the way it looked on T.V... the quality had that Flow crisp, clean liquidy look. This Flow look cannot in a zillion years be compared to other local stations that have that dull old school look. Flow whatever you guys are doing to get that quality .. keep doing it!

Entertainment : 3/10  Oh my Lordt! ( Madea voice ) I understand that most of our A-List Local Celebrities come at a hefty price but! That is no excuse to book those acts for a pageant of this magnitude. The acts of the night that I caught was Faraji and the In Motion Dance Company.  Mr. Faraji needed to go faaaaaaaaaaaaaar back from whence he came... his performance was terrible! To make matters worst he butchered a Maxwell song then resorted to pulling his hair out as if he was doing something EPIC!! Sigh ... moving on. The other gentleman's name who I didn't catch his performance did not go with the overall tone of the Pageant. For this kind of event , you need a person who is either young , hot and popular or somebody who can appeal to all age groups. Somebody who can sing like a Noddy Virtue for example .. just an example ( no stones please ). The In Motion Dance Company opened the show by incorporating a dance routine with the contestants .. they were ok .. just ...ok. For their second performance there was a huge pause ... which had everyone in suspense for what they would bring which was once again an ok performance.

The Hosts/M.C  3/10 :  The event was host by Michael Cuffe and KeKe .... I thought this was an odd pairing and this showed throughout the entire Pageant. Did anybody realize that as it got closer to the crowning segment how KeKe began to rush things along while Mr. Cuffe proceeded to talk over her? A mess!! Sooo its a Pageant right? Why not use somebody like Yendi or Terri Karelle? Or both!!! They are young and they have been hosting events .... and! They are former winners!!! They would have not only brought the pageant to life but they would also understand the pressure that's involved and knew what to say during those awkward gaps where the other hosts were saying "They are coming ... they will definitely be here". On that note what was up with the interviewer? It was clear she did no research on Rockmore Dunbar as she went on to ask him if this was his first time here ... The man is always here dear.  They should have put Dutty Berry or the very blunt and comical Quite Perry around there to ask the questions and have a Social Media Room or sumn ... they have their audience and Miss Jamaica would be a trending topic on Social Media.

Andre Shirley - Anarchy Designs
Designers :  9/10 I like the fact that they did in fact stick to the Calibrating Brand Jamaica theme by using some of our very own Designers! The dresses were sponsored by Anarchy , Drennaluna , Neahlis , Courtney Washington. The dresses for each girl fit their body type which was a huge plus. If I missed out a Designer .. please comment the name

The Contestants: 8/10 Well , this year we did not see the plethora of the brownings which most people are used to so I guess a lot of people were happy. I don't have a problem with who entries whether it be black , red, white , orient made .. whatever. If the same type of girls enter each year what are the judges to do? As long as whoever wins is able to represent Jamaica in a diplomatic way I'm all good. The girls were extremely nervous during question segment which is understandable but the girl who captivated the audience , the judges and Jamaica walked home with the title .. Congrats to Laurie- Ann Chin.

Overall Production 4/10 : Production was poor , poor, poor! Its like everything was flung together that same night. Too many pitfalls for a Pageant of this magnitude. I think they mentioned that it was being broadcasted to over 23 countries. Well ... this kinda looks bad on our part , is this what we have to offer in pageantry as a country? That same night the Ms. Teen Florida Pageant was on ... I watched more of that because of the production until it ended then gave my attention to Ms Jamaica. Why was there not a teleprompter or some sort of Smart Device for the hosts? Why in these modern times are  the people are using paper?? It's either we step up the Pageantry Game or just do away with it ... kinda like the Reggae Boys :-)    ( See what I did there )

Anyway people , that's all I have to say ... what are your thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous1:26 PM

    Haute People unno not easy at all ... and is true .. this production was so poor , if it wasn't on Flow I wouldn't watch it .. we can do better man ... that rasta man caa sing! why dem use him

  2. Correction: the live TV production was done by Phase 3 Productions and the live stream by Shift Interactive ... The TV broadcast on Flow was impressive given Flow's digital infrastructure.

  3. correction: The live HD TV broadcast was produced by Phase 3 Productions and the live streaming by Shift Interactive. Yes, the signal on Flow did look pretty good given their digital transmission infrastructure.

  4. Thank You for the correction Delano and Thanks to Phase 3 Productions and Shift Interactive :-)

  5. Anonymous1:21 PM

    Don't really care about who win either ... but the organizers could have done better man ... This is what we have to offer? smh sad

  6. Anonymous9:31 AM

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