Magnum Vixens Commentary

We are all entitled to our own opinions and choices in this broad spectrum called life. Recently, the Jamaican Tonic Wine Brand Magnum launched a 4 Episode Reality Show on CVM T.V called Magnum Vixens which comes on at 9:30 every Friday.

First Thought : Why? what's in it for the girls? As I like to do before giving comments and expressing my opinions I did research. Soooo the show is basically to find 12 Vixens to represent Magnum for 1 year. My next thought was .. Is that all? How much are they being paid per night for a promo? Read article Here

The Contestants: I've actually been watching all the episodes and there is no doubt that it is quite entertaining .. but the Ratchetness is up up up! I know everybody is saying "get with the time .. its the way our generation is now" But seriously, these women come on T.v act a certain way only to just be a promo girl for one year? What is wrong with the women in society? Why can't they use this same energy and effort to do something more productive? It's great that the brand has researched the market and realized the popularity of Reality Shows, but ! Why not give them a car or $500,000 plus Make-up and clothing for a year? Just the opportunity to be a promo girl for a year?

Have you been watching the show? Any Thoughts?
Remember we are all entitled to our opinions, speak freely



  1. Anonymous4:40 PM

    I like the show and is true... Maybe Magnum pays alot but sumn else other than 1 year a promo work can go with it .. but then again time hard .. people doing what they can to make money .. even if its to act ratchet on T.V

  2. great idea but it needs work .. the girls need better prizes

  3. I saw the first episode online by accident. I found it to be entertaining. The editing is poorly done though. And wtf with Floyd as the host or whatever!

  4. A Videographer friend of mine said the same thing about the editing .. It's like people don't think anymore they want something on T.v "quick quick" so they put anything on ... Let's just say Floyd fits that particular dance-hall vibe

  5. Most internships are a year as well, yet with minimal exposure at the forefront of the company you inter for. Many of these ladies probably want the exposure to go on to do other things. It's better than Facebook!


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