Haute How To: The Many Lives of Scarves

It is very rare that one comes across an accessory as versatile as a scarf. It has the amazing ability to function as different parts of an ensemble as your day progresses. Scarves live many lives possessing the ability to transform from head wraps to bags; even tops and so much more. This week’s feature is dedicated to highlighting the uses of the humble scarf as both a handbag and a necessity.

A Scarf to Carry All things

It might be surprising but a scarf makes a good carryall for days at the beach or when you just need an extra purse in a pinch. Ehow.com gives a simple and easy way to turn your favorite patterned scarf into a useful handbag.

Select a square scarf in a pattern you like.
Lay the scarf smoothly on a flat surface with the side you want to be the outside of your scarf handbag facing down.
Grab two opposite corners of the scarf and bring them together, tying them in a knot.
Grab the other two opposite corner of the scarf, and tie them into a knot.
Slide your arm under the two knots, and your scarf handbag is complete.

Below are two other techniques to transform your scarf into an emergency bag whenever and wherever you need it.

Now there’s no more complaining that you don't have that perfect purse to complete your ensemble. Remember to turn what you have into what you need

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  1. I love this post... its a brilliant idea.. I am quite a scarf person but it never came to me that I could use one like this... Thank you for sharing :)


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