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Ladies and Gents its Bikini and Board Shorts season and no one wants to be caught wet in last years recreation gear.On a recent Beach outing to Portland”s Boston Beach it made me realize that Knit Bikinis seem to be all the rage this summer swimsuit season. As far as Knit Bikinis go in Jamaica only one designer comes to mind.... Minka of course!

Minka has been doing crochet designs for as long as I can remember and offers a wide selection of clothing and accessories as well as swim wear.

I met Minka in person for the first time a few years ago backstage at the Ms. Uwi competition.
She was one of  the most no nonsense down to earth person I have ever met and also one of the nicest. Minka’s designs have been featured in copies of SHE Caribbean Magazine, IslandGroove, Sky Writings , Caribbean Beat, Amina (french) , Fader(july08), Panachejamagazine,  Backayard issue 12, Profiles(NY) (fall2012) and has lines that include dresses and accessories for men and women in addition to her swim wear lines,

So next time you’re thinking of what to wear on the beach this summer or to that fabulous pool party. Remember to think outside of the box and  consider knitwear as beachwear this summer. Below are some of my favourite pieces from minkaluv.com

xoxo George!
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