From a Man’s Perspective: To Our Women

I always joke about returning as a man in my “next life,” I am not a believer in reincarnation but you get my point.Why would I want to do that, I can hear you ask. The answer, my friend, is very simple - I think their lives are far less complicated than women’s.By all indications, it appears to take very little to make a man happy.  I have identified three basic things that remain true for what men look for in a relationship. These are sex, space and acceptance.


This might not be number one on all men’s lists, but I believe it definitely falls in the top five. Wives (I say wives, because I believe sex should be only be between married people) our men want the kind of sex that will keep them focused on you.
Naturally men eyes will wander, but if you are having that kind of sex that has love intertwined and you are connected they will notice but not want. He will acknowledge she has a nice body and pretty face but she won’t be worth losing you.


Men need space. When I speak of space I mean time away from you!  Now women don’t freak out, it is perfectly natural for a man to want to be by themselves, hang with friends or time to invest in their own passions/hobbies. Let them have the time to play video games, join in a game of football etc. This is the time they use to clear their minds, unwind,and recharge so they can love you the way you deserve. 


I am learning that it’s after accepting our men just the way they are, for who they are is when we truly love them unconditionally. I gather that our men, no matter how old they are, will always have boyish tendencies. Accept them for who they are, that will be motivation enough to do more to make you happy.
Loving our men is not complicated. However, the above three ways on how to, is not the total list. 

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  1. Anonymous12:33 PM

    that means you are celibate ?? (I say wives, because I believe sex should be only be between married people) Wow!! Good for you....

    Unless you are married then my bad...........

    1. Just my Christian principle, should I confess that I had sex before marriage? I personally have regrets of that, so when I can advise to wait I jump on the opportunity.

      Yes, I am married :)


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