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For today’s feature I want to touch on the cross roads between Fashion and Technology, an aspect of fashion that is sometimes overlooked but may just lead us into the future. Athletic powerhouses like Nike and Adidas  have used ‘smart” technology to help mould breathable fabrics and footwear that perform better under stress in the same way fashion designers use technology to find new ways of interpreting and presenting age old concepts. The possibilities for smart technology being incorporated into everyday wear can be used for aesthetic appeal as well as to solve practical problems such as temperature changes and even staying connected to the internet on the go.

The functional  appeal of fashion tech is the focus in today's article. I remember a past and perhaps one of my favorite episodes of Project Runway where the designers were asked to create an electrifying design using electric light features as a signature component of their design. It took their creations to illuminating heights!

Many designers have tried to create designs that utilize technology but for the most part they seem to be reserved for Haute Couture and not ready-to-wear. So, in investigation of this topic I decided to look for wearable technology that is emerging that can serve a purpose in our day to day lives as well as satisfy our need to look Haute.

Top 5 Ready-to-wear Tech Trends

Google Glasses  

All the convenience of Google in your eye-wear

Smart Watches

This smart watch from asus can
tell time and surf the net and above all
it costs around $100 USD

Tech Savvy Bangles

So this one is still in the works and isn't in stores just as yet it was designed by by Alexander Kostin, a semifinalist in the Electrolux Design Lab Competition. It acts as a personal air purifier sucking up air from around you, purifying it and circulating it through to the rest of your body

Blend in.....Literally

creations by Rainbow Winters’ Amy Winters react sonically to changes in sound and are made from what is described as holographic leather.

Never Lose Your Purse Again

Asher Levine in his fall 2013 show debuted garments featuring tracking chips that can be tracked using a customized Track R app by the owner.

Haute tip- Always leave your mind open to new and fashionable possibilities 

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  1. Anonymous8:34 PM

    Cool way to integrate Technology into Fashion .. Technology does not have to be boring


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