A July Wedding: How NOT to upstage the Bride

When I think July , I automatically think "July Wedding" ... for the remainder of this month I would like to introduce you to our Wedding Series "A July Wedding" this and every Wednesday.

The first rule of attending any wedding as a female is to "NOT upstage" the Bride. What if you are just that girl who always shines , even if its in a Garbage bag. Here are a few tips to dim that shine just a tad.

Avoid Loud Colors : By loud colors , I mean those really bright almost flamboyant colors like Orange , Chartreuse and Bright Yellow. If you wear any of these colors you are sure to upstage the bride. Opt for neutral colors or if you are that into colors , go Pastel!

Look Nice: I know this is a bit confusing especially with the first tip. If the wedding is being held in a Church .. the place of worship, dress modestly. Yes, you can be modest and be trendy all at the same time. Nothing that is too tight, shimmery or that has a ton of cut-outs. Please , please , please ( my Jamaican audience) stay away from Sequence or "sea queens" as it is called .. This is not the answer to your problems.

Do NOT wear white: The Bride is suppose to wear white NOT you .. This is HER day not YOURS. If white is your favorite color and the only thing you have in your wardrobe, pretend its not for that day and do find something else to wear.

Drinking Too much: This is just a common sense tip. People tend to become funner versions of themselves when they drink. Imagine the Bride sitting peacefully with her new husband about to do their first dance .. then you get up and begin to do an impromptu version of Thriller. That is one sure way to upstage the bride my friend.

Please share any interesting wedding stories you might have


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  1. Anonymous9:57 AM

    I'm soooo looking forward to this series :-)

  2. Anonymous10:00 AM

    This reminds me of the final episode of the game ... an embarrassing thing NOT to do is process your love for an old flame

  3. Laughing at the don't drink too much tip.

  4. lol ... I've seen it happen in real life


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