A July Wedding : Finding the right dress for your Body Type

It is officially hump day! The week as we know it is almost over! Today's post is another reason for you to smile. We will be helping you to select the right dresses for your body type ( that's if you are getting married )

A woman's wedding day is a special time in her life. It is that time she will feel like a princess and have everything and everyone at her beck and call. Finding the right dress to fit your body type on your big day is the most important thing as this could really pull everything together or apart. There should be no pulling down or tugging up! Below are tips to help you find the perfect dress.

4 different body types

The Hour Glass: This body type is identified with wide shoulders and hips and a noticeably smaller waist.
The great thing about this shape is that just about anything will work, however the top 3 dresses that will show off your figure are:

Hour Glass
  • Sheath: This has a streamlined silhouette that is slim from head to toe.
  • Ball Gown:  Look for dresses with a structured bodice and a full skirt. This will give you a feminine princess look.
  • Mermaid/ Tulip: A curvy fit and flare will hug your curves in all the right places. This creates a more modern look. Tip: Do not go too tight with this as you could end up looking hoochie , make sure it fits your body.

The Triangle: People who have this shape have wider hips than shoulders. In Jamaican we call this "bottom heavy". Below are the dresses that work well with this shape.

Triangle Body 

  • A-line: This has a fitted bodice with a skirt that slightly sways off the body. It's not too tight nor too loose. Since the bodice is more fitted, the point is to create the illusion of boobs.
  • Empire: This also places emphasis on the small upper frame, this time with a flowing skirt that creates a nice graceful flow.
  • Ball Gown: This is exactly like the shape of the ball gown above. With this shape however, it is advised to choose one with a bodice that has beading or padding to create that shape.
The Inverted Triangle: The shoulders are a lot wider than the hips and waist. This is what we call "top heavy" in Jamaica.  Your best picks are:

Inverted Triangle
  • Ball Gown: As you can see, you can never go wrong with a good ball gown dress! They look good on 3 out of 4 shapes.
  • Short: Dresses that are below the knee are great to create a distraction from your top and focus on your legs. A full dress might be overwhelming and can have the bride look like she is about to topple over.
  • Mermaid: The shape of this dress will create a focal point and also an illusion that everything is in proportion.

Rectangle: The shoulders, waist and hips are all similar in size. This is more of a slender body type in case you got confused. The best types of dresses for you will be:


  • Empire: A high waisted bodice, creates the illusion of height and hips.
  • A- line: With this type of dress you can create the illusion of an hour glass figure in a breeze depending on the type of fabric.
  • Sheath: The free flowing dress is also create to create hips.

Now that you know the types of dresses for your shape .. dress shopping should be a breeze.


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