5 Ways To Travel with Style

Summer is known as "peak season" in the Travel Industry. Tickets are expensive, airport lines are longer and people are frantic! When you live in a country like Jamaica, getting to your destination (with ease ) can be quite cumbersome with all the ridiculous checking at each gate /port. Here are 5 ways to be glamorous while you travel.

1.  Cut the Line: I don't mean to literally cut in-front of people who stood in line for hours .. that's rude. I mean sign up for one of those security traveler programs or do a self check in. I'm seeing where we are trying to be like everybody else in this regard with Caribbean Airlines. When you opt for this .. the only thing you will have to do is check your luggage.

2. Stylish Luggage : Stay away from the boring hum-drum black and brown Luggage that everyone and their Grandmas and Grandpas have and look for luggage with unique prints. I've seen some of these luggage in Ammars , Azans and even Megamart. This also makes your bags one of a kind and their is no mishaps with grabbing the wrong luggage.

3. Cute Travel Sets: As you know, you are not allowed to travel with full size of your favorite beauty items .. I think the allowed size is 4 oz. Instead of pouring your items into random bottles and hoping its the right amount .. Invest in a travel Kit. They are not expensive and they are 4 oz.  These come in sets 5 or 6 small bottles and a small clear bag. Try to find bottles that have colors or prints.

4. Sleep is Essential: It is important to at least try to get some rest the night before you travel. You never really know what can happen at the Airport. There might be a delay, you might have to run to catch a connecting flight. Sleep helps you to think straight when you are filling out those annoying documents or have the energy to combat a screaming baby beside you.

5. Hydrate your Skin: Travelling does crazy things to your skin .. have you been travelling and just happen to notice a zip that came out of nowhere? Your skin is in an environment that it is not used to and basically freaks out. It is important to drink as much water as you can. It is also great to walk with one of those "on spot zit" treatments.

How do you Travel in Style?

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  1. Anonymous4:59 PM

    I like the Suitcase idea .. I always buy the cheaper suitcases .. it always gets lost and my travel experience is never happy

  2. Anonymous5:00 PM

    Water! Great Tip .. that explains why I'm always thirsty when I travel


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