30 Days of Water ? Are you Freaking Kidding Me!

Guys! Let's take a minute away from the Fashion , Beauty and all things glamorous to focus on the current crisis in our country. I saw an article .. well various articles floating around Facebook yesterday and decided to read them. To make a long story short , according to them ( our leaders ) there is only 30 Days worth of water left in the Heritage Dam to serve the Corporate area ( Kingston ).

We have roughly around 30 days of storage left at the Hermitage Dam based on present usage and with the restrictions that we have placed on the distribution network and a similar amount of days the Mona Reservoir. We are operating at around 60% capacity".
-Mark Blair , NWC Vice President

My thing is this: How do they expect those two sources to serve all of us here in Kingston? Every year we have a drought resulting in water shortages yet nothing has been put into place as it relates to alternative sources ( since we have the same problem every year )

I'm not an expert in this area , but! How do we run out of water on an Island? Like .. How? We are surrounded by water.. why can't they create a solution where the water from the sea can be used to as an alternative source? Sure it might not be safe to drink 
( they might need to come up with a filter system ) But why can't the leaders come up with solutions instead of fighting over power?

My greatest concern is the fact that they have the audacity to limit the water usage .. yet THERE IS A WATER PARTY EVERY WEEK!! These are some of the reasons why we are and will remain a developing country. 

NWC signs Billion Dollar Contract for Aquifier Recharge Project: 
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  1. Anonymous4:16 PM

    sorry dearie .. its been this way since my days .. im now 63


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